Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys

Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys

One of the easiest way to earn online.  :)  Market researchers and survey companies are now going online in search of survey respondents as it is fast, cost effective and convenient.  

No investment required. However, you must be honest when answering these surveys as survey companies have a way of knowing if you are being true to your answers or just in it for the money. 

Work in your spare time at your own pace - best way to earn extra income while online.  Also recommended for newbie online earners to help them get comfortable with online activities/transactions.

All recommended sites below accepts Filipino or International applicants
All are FREE to join with no participation fees required (unless specified)


Clixsense is OJP's Featured Work-At-Home Site
(Recommended for part-timers, new internet users, online marketers.) 

Click here to read full details about Clixsense

Clixsense - one of the longest running PTC site is popular for offering paid ads to its members but in reality members here get paid more for answering short surveys than for clicking paid ads.

Several market research companies have already tied-up with Clixsense and now offering paid surveys to Clixsense members. Surveys are available almost everyday, you just have to be fast because sometimes there's a quota on the number of respondents.  Earn $0.50 up to $2 or more per survey. Your Clixsense account is credited instantly after completing a survey.

Minimum amount to cash is $8.00 for free members and $6.00 for paid members. Payment is thru PayPal Payza, Payoneer or via check/draft.  Register and try Clixsense for free.

Click here to read full details about Clixsense
(OJP's Featured Work-At-Home Site!)

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