Clixsense - Get Paid to Do Simple Tasks Online (Updated 01.17.2018)

(Updated: January 17, 2018)

Clixsense: Paying Since 2007
(Still the best way to earn for online part-timers, students, housewives, etc.)

Clixsense is originally - a PTC (or Paid-To-Click) website, where members can earn US$ daily for doing simple tasks online such as viewing websites, answering surveys, completing micro jobs (simple research tasks), playing the "clixgrid" game and for referring new members.

IMPORTANT >> Only one (1) Clixsense account per household or IP is allowed.

BIG Changes >> Last July 17, 2017, Clixsense adopted a new business model that focuses only on the following earning activities for members:
  1. Answering paid surveys;
  2. Completing paid offers;
  3. Doing paid ÇrowdFlower tasks; and
  4. Referring new members. 

Clixsense Highlights:

>> The site is totally free to join and participate.
(Premium or paid membership has been removed.)

>> No investment required to earn & withdraw earnings.

>> No technical skills needed.

>> Flexible hours - work during your free time - 24/7.

>> Earn in U.S. Dollars.

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How Much Can One Earn From Clixsense?

You can earn $1 to $20 per day for just doing the paid surveys and the paid CrowdFlower tasks.  These two are the best way to earn from Clixsense (paid offers are not recommended).  CrowdFlower tasks are highly recommended as you can possibly earn up to $20 a day from the CrowdFlower tasks alone.

Above is an actual account summary of a Clixsense earner.  Earnings here usually came from paid surveys and for referring new members.  

Here are possible earnings for referring new members:

  • US$2.00 when your referred member reached US$5.00 in earnings;
  • Commission of 20% of your referred members' paid surveys and offers earnings; and
  • Commission of 20% of your referred members' Crowdflower tasks earnings.

Note:  Your commissions from the Clixsense' referral or affiliate program are not being deducted from your referred members' earnings.  These bonuses are given to you directly by Clixsense as incentives for participating in said program.

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What are "CrowdFlower Tasks"?

Crowdflower tasks are simple online paid tasks coming from the CrowdFlower company.  Aside from Clixsense, you can also do these tasks at and directly at the CrowdFlower website as contributor.

To avoid dual accounts, you need have a Facebook account and connect &/or login with your Facebook account before you can proceed to do the tasks.

Below is an actual example of Crowdflower tasks:

Above are examples of tasks available to newbie "task workers".  If you have done enough tasks and your accuracy is okay then you have a chance to become a higher level task worker.  Higher level task workers can access tasks with higher pay rates - up to US$0.50 per task.

Below is an actual earnings' summary of a worker doing the tasks directly at Crowdflower:

Difference of doing the CrowdFlower tasks at Clixsense and doing it directly at the CrowdFlower site?

1. Doing the tasks directly at CrowdFlower: 

Clixsense no longer pays via Paypal.  So if you want to withdraw your earnings via Paypal, it is better to do the tasks directly at the Crowdflower site.  

Minimum earnings required to withdraw is only US$10.00.  CrowdFlower sends payment weekly - every Tuesdays (San Francisco, USA time).

Click here if you want to register and work directly at CrowdFlower (also no membership fees required).

2. Doing the tasks at Clixsense:

Doing the CrowdFlower Tasks at Clixsense means more earnings as Clixsense give cash incentives to members who are active in doing the tasks.  Also, your tasks earnings are added to your other Clixsense earnings (ex. paid surveys & referral program), so you can cash out faster.

Minimum earnings required to withdraw is also US$10.00 but more withdrawal options as Clixsense sends out payment via >> Payoneer, Skrill and Payza.  You can request to withdraw your earnings any day and it will be credited after 3 to 5 days.

Important Reminders:

If you have no other option except to earn from home, then join legit internet programs like Clixsense, where you can truly earn and - earn decently.  

Login daily and do the paid surveys when available.  Do the CrowdFlower tasks daily and carefully to keep your accuracy high.  You can only level up if your accuracy is good (around 70%).   The higher your level - means more access to tasks with higher pay rates - so it eventually means higher income for you. :)

Don't forget to open your online payment processor accounts, where your earnings will be sent.  

For Philippine residents >> recommended way to withdraw online is via Payoneer, Skrill or Payza.  $10.00 is the required minimum earnings before you can withdraw (credited within 3 to 5 days).  No registration fees. 

Click here to open a Payoneer account.
(Earn US$20.00 bonus after you receive $100 in your Payoneer account.)

Click here to open a Payza account.
 (Use Payza if you want to convert & receive your money in Bitcoins & withdraw via CoinsPh.)

Click here to open a Skrill account.
 (Use Skrill if you want to receive your money via GCash or thru your bank account.)
(Or from GCash - withdraw via CoinsPh)

Click here to open a CoinsPh account.
See CoinsPh info & step-by-step guide here
(Get P50.00 welcome bonus in your account.)

Good luck and have a nice day! ^_^