Get Paid to Research & Answer Questions

Get Paid to Research and Answer Questions Online

Get paid for finding information on the internet and for answering questions online.

All recommended sites below accepts Filipino or International applicants
All are FREE to join with no participation fees required (unless specified)


Apply as an "Expert" share your knowledge (gained thru experience or research) and get paid 25% to 50% of what the customer is offering for an answer. Pays thru PayPal once you've earned $20.


This site is a free question and answer website that uses Google Adsense advertising as a revenue source to pay out members. You must create or link your google adsense account. Just be active in contributing quality answers and you'll receive regular revenues from the site that can help pay for your bills.


Get paid to answer questions ($0.10 per answer), get bonuses when someone votes on your reviews and you can also get paid when you refer new members.  Pays via Paypal (instantly) when you have reached $30.00 in earnings.

Answering questions is just another way of earning at ReviewStream, writing reviews is the main earning opportunity on this website.