Get Paid to Collect Bitcoins (NEW) - Updated 05.24.17!

Get Paid to Collect Bitcoins or BTCs Online

(With Updates - June 26, 2017)


But first what is a Bitcoin?
Here's a short video to explain what a Bitcoin is:
 (Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.)

Above amount is the value of One (1) Bitcoin Today in US Dollars

What can you do with Bitcoins? 

  • You can keep Bitcoin as an investment or sell it to people who wanted to do the same. By design, only 21 million Bitcoins can be mined or will ever exist. Also, a lot of online and offline companies are now accepting/recognizing BTC as a legit digital currency so it's only logical to think that its value will only rise steadily in the course of time.
  • You can use Bitcoin to shop online.  As mentioned, a number of online companies are now accepting Bitcoins as payment in exchange for the goods and services that they offer. Some are even accepting BTCs at their actual physical store/s ^_^.  and lastly...
  • You can exchange Bitcoin for real cash and withdraw in Philippine Pesos. Exchange (i.e. sell) your Bitcoins to online exchangers for real cash.  When you sell, your Bitcoin is converted to Philippine Pesos and proceeds will be sent to your preferred remittance center or your local bank account/s at minimal or no transfer/transaction fees.

Interested? Here are the steps to start earning Bitcoins:
(Earn by collecting BTC units or Satoshis from BTC Faucets)

Step #1. Register a free BTC Wallet account and take note of your wallet address. is recommended for those who wanted to cash out their Bitcoins in the Philippines. 

If you're planning to cash out your BTC in the Philippines then better open up a wallet (recommended for Philippine-residents). Aside from the free wallet, also offers BTC exchange service.

Cash out your BTC using  Money will be sent to your preferred local bank account (also sends via LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, Globe GCash, Security Bank Cardless ATM, etc.).  You can also shop online, load your cellphone and pay your bills using your coinsPh wallet.

If you're the "entrepreneur" type, you can also start your mini-business with coinsPh >> Start a cellphone loading and/or a "Bayad Center" business using their free and easy to use system.

With Coins.Ph, you also have two wallet address type: (1) Your Peso Wallet address and (2) your Bitcoin wallet address (use #2 to collect from BTC faucets).  Both your Peso wallet and Bitcoin wallet addresses looks something like this >> 3GZGZZ5rBWT9SdPnL9cwbMcV3RcuRnk1vE

To know your Coins.Ph Bitcoin wallet address >> Login to your account then click on the "Wallet Address" link (found inside Bitcoin Wallet box on the left sidebar).  Take note of your address.

Register your free CoinsPh account using the link below 
and get PhP24.00  PhP 50.00 bonus in your account for a limited time only.
(P50.00 bonus can be converted to around 35,000 Satoshis) 

Click here to register a free BTC Wallet
(Learn more about here.)

If you're outside the Philippines and wanted to cash-out your Bitcoins, please register with Coinbase instead.  Supported countries include >> Singapore, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom , United States of America, and Canada.

(Get 10,000 Satoshi bonus in your account)

If you're in the middle east: UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, please register with Bitoasis.  Click here to register your free account at

Below are lists of sites where you can collect free Bitcoin Satoshis (Lists Updated 06.26.2017):
(Collect BTC when you want - Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Note: Sites with too many pop-up ads were removed.

(Use your Coins.Ph BTC wallet address to register/claim.)
   1.  Free
Claim your free BTC every 60 minutes
Gives out 200+ and up Satoshis per claim 
Free raffle tickets to win more Satoshis each time you claim.
Required minimum withdraw amount: 30,000 satoshis 
Earnings automatically sent to your wallet every Monday when "auto-withdraw" is enabled.
Click here to visit Free

   2.  Moon Bitcoin  
A "Drip" faucet - Gathers your Satoshis then claim when you want.
(Requires a minimum of 5 minutes interval when claiming.)
With extra increasing daily loyalty bonus if you claim at least 1x a day, 
plus referral bonus & mystery bonus (up to 100% each)
Referral bonus is equivalent to 50% of your referrals' claimed Satoshis. 
Pays weekly - 25,000 Satoshis minimum earnings required.
  3.  Field Bitcoins  
Also a  "Drip" faucet - Gathers your Satoshis then claim when you want.
(Requires a minimum of 5 minutes interval when claiming.)
With increasing daily bonus (up to 100%) if you claim at least 1x a day. 
Referral bonus is equivalent to 50% of your referrals' claimed Satoshis. 
Pays weekly every Sunday - 10,000 Satoshis minimum earnings required.
  Click here to visit Field Bitcoins 
4.  Eobot  
Eobot is a cloud mining and faucet in one.
You can claim around 200+ Satoshis once a day.
(To claim >> Click on Products then Faucet.)
Also, you get free Dogecoins once a day when you login.
(Dogecoin is also a cryptocurrency that can be converted to BTC at the site.)
Minimum BTC earnings to withdraw is  0.002
This site is recommended for those who want to explore BTC & other cryptocoins further, you can use your earned satoshis here to mine and do other related stuff.
(Use your Coins.Ph BTC wallet address to register.)

Collect mBTC every 10 to 30 seconds 
Sign-up using an email address is required. 
Pays directly to your CoinsPh BTC wallet address
Minimum required to withdraw earnings is only 0.50 mBTC
Processing of payment is usually instant.
Click here to visit Coin Bulb

(Sad, but after several years of good paying track record, the following sites are Not Recommended Anymore)

Site gone bad after - active accounts disappearing.

Site is continuously showing technical errors.
(Play the following browser games -  no need to download or install anything to play. Earn virtual gold in the game and withdraw your earnings thru your Coins.Ph BTC wallet.)

1. Golden Towns
Golden Towns

Goldentowns is a fun game (similar to Farmville) where you can develop your own town, farm resources, construct and upgrade roads/buildings, and mine gold. 
Virtual gold can be exchanged for real Euro cash. In Goldentowns there are only 100,000 gold in circulation, 100% backed up by real gold.  3 virtual gold is worth around 1 real Euro cash. 
Minimum amount required to withdraw is 25 Euro. 
You can withdraw only in Bitcoins (equivalent to 25 Euro).
Click here to visit Golden Towns

2. Elven Gold
Elven Gold is a new game that was launched only last year (2016).  This is a bit similar to Golden Towns because you also build buildings here and that you also earn in virtual gold units (Elven Gold). The difference is that your almost all your buildings here produces coins automatically, all you need to do is to maintain the buildings so it can product more coins per hour.  
The coins collected can be converted to 2 kinds of gold: (1.) Gold that can be use to purchase and (2.) Gold that can be withdrawn as real cash.
If you register, you will be given a welcome bonus of 5000 gold that can be use to purchase your first building.  
Your mission is to maintain your first building so you can collect more coins.  More coins means more gold.  It is up to your game strategy to earn more faster and efficiently. 
What's nice about this game is - you can withdraw as soon as you earn gold equivalent to only US$0.10. However, the only option to withdraw here is via PAYEER. Although this is still a good thing because Payeer has the ability to send your Payeer funds in Bitcoins.
Click here to visit Elven Gold
Here to register your free Payeer account


Xapo is not recommended anymore due to changes in fees.
As of this writing (5.19.17), Xapo transfer fees is from 74837 Satoshis (standard priority) to 132334 Satoshis (high priority) per transaction.